What Is Pineapple Energy’s Solar Process?

When you begin Pineapple Energy’s solar process, we make it as easy as possible for you. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your solar energy needs and the benefits of going solar, and we’ll develop a plan for the next steps to get you the local solar energy you need. We are passionate about creating tailored solar solutions that will benefit your home for years to come.



During this initial step, you’ll have a virtual call with a Pineapple Energy consultant. We’ll lay out our solar energy process, provide you with an accurate quote, then discuss financial options including applicable tax credits and incentives.


Home Visit

During a scheduled site inspection of your home, our installation partners will take a look at your roof to make sure it’s in good condition for the solar energy panel process.


Design Review

After inspecting your home for solar energy panel viability, we’ll create a design for the solar panels that will go on your home. The design is based on the size of your home and the amount of solar energy your home will require. When the design is complete, we’ll review it with you and explain why and how it will be laid out in a certain way.



We make getting the proper permitting for your panels easy. We take care of all the planning and permits required and any hurdles that could come up along the way.



Once the design is approved and permits are taken care of, we’ll install your solar panels.



After installation, we’ll have the system inspected to ensure it is up to code, working properly and ready for interconnection.



Pineapple Energy will work with your utility provider to set up your net metering. We’ll then turn your system on, and voila! The solar energy process is complete, and your home is powered by solar energy.

What is the Cost of Going Solar With Pineapple Energy?

There are a few cost contributing factors that go into your cost of solar energy. We begin by using our proprietary software to look at your utility bills from the prior 12 months, allowing for seasonal variation, and incorporating both fixed and variable charges. We then take into consideration the remaining factors:

  • We look at your annual electric usage.
  • We size a solar system + battery backup that is unique to your home and usage.
  • We factor in solar incentives based on where you live.
  • We compare how much you save over the next 30 years by avoiding utility rate increases.

What are the Benefits of Going Solar With Pineapple Energy?

Pineapple Energy combines innovative solar strategies with superior customer service to create an all-in-one approach to solar energy. Our valuable industry experience and passion for local solar energy create a great customer experience from the beginning to the end of our solar energy process.

Grassroot Solar Strategies

We believe in taking a grassroots approach to solar energy. Part of the Pineapple Energy mission is to create sustainable energy to help the environment. By installing solar panels on your home, you too, are helping in our mission.

Supporting a Green Future

Installing solar panels through Pineapple Energy helps create a sustainable and long-lasting solution to high energy costs and nonrenewable energy consumption, supporting a more sustainable future.

Long-Term Relationships

Pineapple Energy’s solar panel systems are guaranteed to work for 25 years. Throughout that time, we maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We will maintain and upkeep your solar panel system through the system’s entire lifespan.

Your solar journey starts here.