Buying, Leasing and Financing Solar Panels in California

At Pineapple Energy, we believe going solar should be attainable for everyone. We offer various solar panel financing options to help you achieve your solar goals. We provide the opportunity to purchase, finance or lease your solar panels. The price of solar energy from Pineapple is usually lower than the cost customers pay to their utility provider.

Cash Purchase

Pay for your solar panel system in full or through a personal or home equity loan. You make all payments upfront versus monthly payments with a cash solar system purchase. We provide a complete 25-year production guarantee, so you feel secure in your investment.

Advantages of a cash purchase solar panel system include:

  • No monthly solar payments
  • Generous federal and state tax incentives
  • Hassle-free payment process
  • 25-year system warranty

Solar Panel Financing

Solar loans are available to California homeowners to own their solar system while paying for it over time. Our priority is to provide monthly payment options to keep solar affordable. 

Leasing Solar Panels in California

Pineapple offers the option to lease. Once the lease term is completed, homeowners can either buy out the solar system, extend the lease or have the company take the solar system off their roof. There is no upfront cost, and it’s an affordable monthly amount paid to the lease provider.


We do a soft credit pull to determine creditworthiness. A credit score of 650 and above is required.

Interest rates can be as low as 0.99%.

There is no money down required for leases, power purchase agreements and loans.

A federal tax credit of 26% until 2023, and then it goes down to 22%. Some states and utility providers have additional unique incentives for their location. The sooner you go solar, the more you save!

While solar is not free of charge, the goal is to replace your utility bill with a solar payment that will be lower than your average utility costs.

For example, an average monthly solar + utility bill might look like $90 for solar and $10 for the utility in CA with a utility bill before solar of $200/month.

If you decide to lease solar, there is typically a rate increase each year that is lower than your utility inflation rates.

You will still be connected to the electric grid and receive statements from your utility provider.

Get started on your solar journey.