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Investing in Solar Energy With Pineapple Energy

Pineapple Energy has a vision to unify top local solar, storage and energy services companies as we continue to see the shift towards renewable energy and green initiatives. Our solar power + battery storage systems are leading the movement in residential solar, and we want you to be part of it.

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Our solar energy investment opportunities allow you to join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on a healthier environment. Taking advantage of one of the most sustainable energy resources in the world, it is our mission to make solar + battery storage systems accessible to everyone.

Supporting a Green Future

When Pineapple Energy customers power their homes with solar power + battery storage, they are gaining energy independence while lowering their utility costs and reliance on the grid. Solar panels let us access a clean source of power which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Long-Term Relationships

Our solar energy services come with a 25-year system guarantee, and we’ll be there to support our customers through every step of the system’s lifetime. As the energy grid of the future evolves, our services will also evolve. Pineapple Energy promises to provide the latest innovations in solar + battery, distributed energy resources, virtual power plants and more.

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