Solar Battery During Blackouts & Power Outages

Blackout From Your Utility Company

If you’ve suffered through a public safety power shutoff this year, you know the frustration they cause. They’re awful.

They’re tough on those who rely on medical devices. You need a way to keep the critical machines powered at home, even when the utility shuts off your power.

Even if you don’t rely on a life-supporting device, a shutoff can cost you money. You can lose all the food in your refrigerator without it running, you can lose business opportunities without internet communications and injure yourself while walking around in the dark.

What can you do? The utilities need to shut off power to avoid sparking new wildfires. It’s a public safety measure, but it comes with a new set of dangers.

And they’re going to continue this for a long time. PG&E, for example, predicts at least ten more years of frequent blackouts.

Ten more years. That’s half a generation of blackouts.

But you don’t have to stand for it. There’s a way to keep your lights on and your critical machines running.

Solar + Backup Battery

Imagine you and your family at home during a massive blackout – your fridge still running, able to wash your clothes, able to charge your cell phone, able to help your most vulnerable neighbors.

It’s not some utopian fantasy. You just need another way to provide electricity to your home.

And you can do that by installing solar panels and a backup battery.

While the sun shines, your panels can provide direct electrical energy, and your battery can do some lifting at night.

It’s a simple solution for any California homeowner — and we’re here to help.

Can I Afford Solar Panels and a Battery?


Most California homeowners wind up saving money every month. The cost of the panels and a much lower electric bill usually wind up less than what homeowners pay for their utility.

That’s less money for the utility and more money in your pocket.

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It takes some configuring. Not every home is the same, and no two families are alike. We all vary in our power needs, and homes have a ton of factors that affect the efficiency of solar panels.

And the wrong solar system for your home could wind up costing you a lot of money, both now and in the future.

If you want to stop unfair rising utility rates, you need the right solar system to power your home.

That’s why we create a custom design for every home. Our solar experts will figure out the best solar panel setup to help ensure you save money.

Wouldn’t you rather pay less for electricity?

And with a backup battery, you can help avoid the unseen costs of blackouts — the loss of fresh supplies, lost business, lost time, injury, and more.

With a single phone consultation, we can show you how much money you’ll save on your computer. Pineapple Energy’s solar experts will maximize federal and local incentives to get you today’s best prices and lock those prices in.

That means your utility can’t surprise you with more rate hikes.

You can’t stop utility companies from making bad decisions. But you CAN make a GOOD decision for your home.

Fight back against blackouts.

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