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Pineapple Energy is one of the leading solar energy companies on the island of Oahu. We are Hawaiian solar installers enabling residents to harness the sun’s power through expertly designed and installed residential solar systems. Hawaii is one of the best places for solar panels due to its sunny climate.

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The Pineapple Energy Process

As a top solar energy company providing solar installation in Hawaii, we have our solar energy process down to a science. Our Pineapple Energy process begins with a consultation where we’ll discuss your solar needs, the possibilities for your home, your solar storage requirements, and more. We’ll take it from there, providing a custom solar solution for your Hawaii home.


How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

These are the factors needed to determine how many solar panels you will need:

  • Location
  • Electric consumption
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Panel performance
  • Roof’s usable space
  • Climate

A typical Hawaii homeowner needs 15 to 20 solar panels to offset their electricity bill. We recommend that you talk to one of our solar experts at Pineapple Energy to get the most accurate solar panel system size.

How Much Energy Does Your Home Use?

Knowing how much energy your Hawaii home currently uses will help you decide what size solar energy system to install. You want to match the electrical usage the house is already using to the solar system’s production. If a single-family home in Hawaii uses about 10,400 kWh (kilowatt-hours) in a year, you’d want the solar energy to produce 10,400kWh or more to offset your utility bill. The average size of the panels used in the residential solar industry is between 350-450 Watts, and 17-400-watt panels would produce a considerable amount of energy for the average Hawaiian household.

Solar Cost in Hawaii

Choosing Pineapple Energy as your Hawaii solar energy company gives you peace of mind that you’re purchasing the best quality solar system. The cost of your system depends on a few factors. Some examples of these factors include your annual electric usage, solar incentives based on your location in Hawaii, and the type of solar system and battery backup your home requires.

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The Benefits of Hawaii Solar Energy

There are many benefits of going solar and choosing Pineapple Energy as your solar installer in Hawaii. Reducing monthly bills, increasing property value, and using renewable energy are great reasons to switch to solar! Pineapple Energy offers Hawaii residents a convenient combination of innovative solar solutions and exceptional customer service.

We believe in a greener future. Installing solar panels through our company helps create a long-lasting energy solution that supports a sustainable future. 

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