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The Pineapple Process
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How to Go Solar

Pineapple Energy offers various solar energy financing options so you can actively support a greener future. We give you the option to either buy, finance or lease your solar + battery storage. There are benefits to each plan, but the biggest impact will be the cost savings on your utility bills while committing to a sustainable future.

  • One-time Solar Purchase
  • Financing Options
  • Leasing Solar Power
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Get a solar system for as low as $90/mo.

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What Our Customers Say

“We’re so excited! Really looking forward to an environmentally friendly living year! Thank you for all your assistance and support through this process!”

Jen, Napa Valley

“John B. and all the workers were very professional, thorough, clean, and explained everything. I’d recommend them anytime.”


“We had the techs here this morning to install our solar and they showed up friendly, happy, and ready to work! They were fast, clean, and thorough. John B. was my team lead, and I was very happy to have him, Alex, and their team here to install. Marques was our salesman who answered all of our questions, no matter how tedious or repetitive. He was also thorough and equipped with much knowledge about their products. Thank you!”

Pineapple Energy

Who We Are

At Pineapple Energy, our focus is acquiring and growing leading local and regional solar, storage and energy service companies nationwide. We use grassroots strategies to strengthen and expand solar energy offerings that customers can rely on. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, building long-term relationships to create and share in the future of green energy.

The Pineapple Process
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Long-term savings

Have more control over your energy and savings by combining solar + battery storage. Sell back your power to the utility or charge your electric vehicle at your convenience.

Energy Independence

Adding battery storage to your system gives the ability to operate as normal during grid outages — critical for extreme weather conditions and unreliable grid connection throughout the nation.

Supporting a Green Future

Powering your home with our solar power + battery storage is a long-lasting solution to high energy costs. Clean sources of power mean less greenhouse gas emissions.

 Long-Term Relationships

Our solar energy services come with a 25-year system guarantee, and we’ll be there for support throughout the system’s lifetime.

Pineapple Energy

What our customers are doing for the environment


kWh’s removed from the grid from Oct 2021 – Sept 2022

This offset is the equivalent to burning 12,120,000 pounds of coal and has the same benefit as planting 181,000 tree seedlings.

Benefits of Working with Pineapple

  • $0 down financing
  • Utility, State and Federal rebates
  • Solar + Storage gives you energy independence
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce electric bills
  •  Industry leading technology
  • Renewable Energy for 25+ years
Do I Qualify for Solar?


The Many Advantages of Solar Power

Solar homeowners will be able to pick out any number of reasons to love solar. Here are our five most popular advantages of installing solar on your roof.
Solar panels installed on a roof

How Long Do Solar Panels and Batteries Last?

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your solar panels can last even longer than expected.
An electricity meter measures the current consumed.

How Many Kilowatts Hours Does It Take to Power Your House?

Before looking into solar, it’s helpful to understand what a kilowatt (KW) and a kilowatt-hour (kWh) are. The solar industry will use these figures to plan what system size your home will need.
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